Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Indiana Religious Discrimination Businesses

Indiana recently passed SB101 through the Upper and Lower assemblies of the legislature, and is simply awaiting concurrence (matching the wording of the houses), and signature by Governor Pence. While posing as a "religious freedom" bill, it legalizes any kind of discrimination by businesses based on alleged "religious belief" of the business owner. For example, not serving a gay customer, or any other customer that you feel violates your personal religious beliefs. A Facebook page appeared to support any such businesses, calling themselves "Indiana Religious Freedom Businesses," with their description announcing their goal to "name and celebrate" such businesses. I created a parallel page, "Indiana Religious Discrimination Businesses" with the goal to "name and shame" such businesses. Any names of discriminatory businesses that appear on the IRFB site will also appear on the IRDB site, as well as this blog. The public is welcome to post their experiences with discriminatory businesses. Facebook Site: Indiana Religious Discrimination Businesses

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